Tier 10 (Archive)

Tier 10 (Archive)

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No King Rules Forever

Lich King - Heroic 25
(The Light of Dawn Comes ..)

Well, it's been a long struggle since forming the guild in April to gear up, compete and finally to conquer. The Lich King and his unmerciful army has been crushed utterly. Congratulations to all involved and thanks to everyone for their hard work and dedication on what continues to be the most challenging encounter Blizzard has thrown at us to-date..

Lich King Heroic 25, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)

Shadowmourne Complete!

Congratulations Bubblemoo!

Our first Shadowmourne complete (Click to Enlarge)

Lich King - Heroic 10
Bane of the Fallen King

After some struggle, ten brave heroes of Fury defeated the heroic Lich King encounter; against the odds, with no Bloodlust, no combat resurrections and little class balance to be found :)

Lich King Heroic 10, Kill-Shots (Click to Enlarge)

Professor Putricide & Sindragosa - Heroic 25 (11/12H)

Our heroic battle against the scourge and it's master now nearing it's climax, the Lich King's army has suffered heavy casualties. Nothing now stands between us and the Frozen Throne. The Lich King shall fall.

Sindragosa Heroic 25, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)
Professor Putricide Heroic 25, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)
In just two short months of existence we have surpassed many long-standing horde raiding guilds and are the second guild on Shadowsong horde to Reach the Lich King in 25 man heroic mode.

Glory of the Icecrown Raider - 10

Our first batch of 10 man meta achievements are complete! Congratulations to the new Frost Wyrm owners and thanks to all that helped along the way.

Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers (Click to Enlarge)
Update: In the week that followed we finished additional meta achievements for >15 more players.

Lich King - Normal 25

Four weeks after the guild's creation and much recruiting later we finally had the numbers we needed to succeed. Lich King 25 Normal mode was defeated on the first pull of the night!

Lich King 25 Normal, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)
Roll on Heroic modes!

Lich King - Normal 10

In our first raid as a newly formed guild with barely enough players to make a single 10 man group we ventured into Ice Crown Citadel, laying waste to the Lich King's army and ultimately defeating him with a mix of alts, offspecs and some veteran mains.

Lich King 10 Normal, Kill-Shot (Click to Enlarge)
Well, it's a start!

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