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Guild Charter

Postby Zastaph » 15 Apr 2010, 18:12

Guild Charter

<Fury> is an end-game raiding Guild formed and run by a group of like-minded and experienced raiding friends from all over Europe. We aim to provide a well progressed raiding experience to all our raiding members. We have a strong, established social community and have a generally mature atmosphere in the guild. We don't take ourselves too seriously prefer to have fun playing the game and forming long-term friendships both in- and outside of raiding.

While wearing the <Fury> tag you are expected to follow some simple rules and remember that you are always an ambassador for the guild.
  • Do not troll public channels
  • Obey Blizzard's EULA, i.e. do not buy gold, don't bot or exploit in any way
  • Help the guild in any reasonable way you can when you can
  • Present a positive image to other players on the server both Alliance and Horde
  • Account sharing is not permitted unless agreed upon by the Guild Officers

Looting in parties / Raids
  • Only roll need on items you will use on the character you are currently playing
  • Respect other player's role, main spec and main/alt status when considering how to roll

Forum use
  • For raiders: regular use of our forums is a requirement of membership
  • For socials: regular use of our forums is recommended to keep abreast of social activities within the guild
  • Do not troll, grief or flame anyone; in any thread
  • Please make a forum account with your main character's name, to prevent any confusion

Main / Alt Characters
  • All raiding members are expected to have their main character guilded with us. Alts are expected to be guilded with us or unguilded as the member wishes. Alts are not permitted to be guilded elsewhere unless they are on a different server, Alliance faction or approved by an Officer.
  • Social members are not required to have all of their characters guilded with us, although it may be advantageous from a social perspective.
  • We don't have any limits on the number of alts allowed

Recruitment for Raiding
Applications for raiding can be made privately on these forums (via the link above). Recruiting is by invitation only. New recruits will undergo a trial period after which time their situation will be reviewed by the Guild Officers.

Social Spots
  • Social invites are not a gateway to a raid spot. If you intend to raid, apply appropriately
  • Social members are generally expected to know at least 1 full member of the guild (not a trial member)
  • Social members have their own rank, they can use guild chat and can access the trade tab in the guild bank
  • (Application for social membership can be made directly in-game to an officer)

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